Kris Nguyen

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We asked all candidates to fill out a survey and our group has chosen to endorse, recommend or not recommend based on their answers. Here are Kris Nguyen’s responses that shows that she is good representative for our teachers, students and parents!

How do you define SEL strategies and what do you believe it does in the classroom?

Social and Emotional Learning is an important tool to help our students learn to self regulate. I believe the best run classrooms teach SEL to reinforce positive and effective coping skills to our students. Parents are key to help their student use these skills in and out of the classroom.

What importance do you attribute to PE and health and how do feel about the cuts made to these subject areas in the past?

I feel we should focus more on PE and health, especially mental health. Having regularly held PE class helps our students learn how to be healthy, cooperate as a group, and is a great break from sitting in a seat for a majority of their school day.

What ideas have you formulated that will increase public school funding to keep up with growth, fully compensate teachers for their expertise and commitment to teaching, ensure they have the classroom resources they need to be effective educators, and making teacher retention a priority?

My main focus to increase funding for public schools would be to educate our legislature of what the classroom and teacher needs are and why what they pass each year can have a direct effect on the classroom. Sometime the best intended bills on paper do not have the best out come in our schools. If they were required to spend a week in our public schools, I feel they would pass better laws and budgets to help our schools more effectively.

How do you define CRT and do you believe it is currently being taught in Utah public schools?

Critical Race Theory is a college level theory that by law is not taught in our public schools. I encourage parents to reach out to their school principal if they find evidence that this is being taught in their students classes. All of the teachers that I have come in contact with, either with my own kids or observing classrooms, are very good about teaching our Utah Core standards.

What vetting process do you support when a parent objects to a book in their child’s school? What actions do you believe school districts should take or not take?

I love that we have a great vetting process in Granite District. Any parent that has objections to a book can fill out a request to have that book reviewed. I have seen some books refiled for an older grade level, some removed from the shelf permanently, and some returned. I think we should keep this process.

Considering legislation that has been proposed in the last 10 years, how would you vote on voucher/school choice bills?

I would vote no if given a choice.

What are your views on the Summit program or programs like it being implemented in our schools?

I am unaware of the Summit program.

What ways can we support diversity in our curriculum so that all students see themselves as culturally relevant?

I think the best way to support diversity is to give the facts. Real history is not always pretty and we are not serving our students well if we do not present it factually and accurately.

What have you personally done to support teachers/public education?

From the time my oldest son started kindergarten (21 years ago) I have volunteered in classroom and school. I served as PTA president in several schools and at a council and district level also. I learned firsthand what hard work our teachers do in and outside of the classroom. They should be supported in every way possible. I try my best to advocate for them and their needs. They need parent support more than ever before. I, along with others, started a food pantry at my local high school to support our students by providing them one of the most basic needs, food. Students can’t learn with an empty stomach. I continue to volunteer in the pantry regularly. I served on local community councils. I loved that we could use our trust lands monies to support our classrooms and teachers. I also have the privilege to serve as current school board member and keep teacher support in mind as I serve in this role.

How will you show your commitment to public education outside of your role as an elected official?

Schools are part of our communities. My role is as a citizen is to support our local schools and be aware of what challenges they are facing. I speak highly of our teachers and schools and I feel that by just being vocal with my support, it creates a culture of positivity. A well educated public should be a concern of all, not just those with children currently attending our schools.