Here are some free lessons for teachers! These can be taught year round or during Black History Month.

AFRICA: in this lesson students will learn about the size, population, landscapes, exports and number of countries in Africa. This lesson can be adapted for grades 3rd to 12th. Find the Powerpoint here and worksheet here.

BLACK WALL STREET: In this lesson students will learn about Black Wall Street and the Tulsa Massacre. They will read three sample articles and fill out an outline to then write an informative essay. This lesson can be adapted for grades 4-12. Download the sample articles, outline and lesson plan here.

PASSPORT TO AFRICA: In this lesson, students are able to watch 1 minute videos about all the countries and territories in Africa and learn a little about each one. Find the videos here and the printable “passport” here.

SEPTIMA POINSETTE CLARK: In this lesson you will learn about the “Mother of the (Civil Rights) Movement”, Septima Clark. She worked with Martin Luther King Jr, Thurgood Marshall and taught Rosa Parks. Find the powerpoint here and the worksheets here. Septima Clark was crucial in helping many African Americans get registered to vote, which was no easy task in the South. This lesson highlights some of those obstacles, including literacy tests.

PRINTABLES: Here is a link to some printables that can be used for bulletin boards, etc. Just click the arrow pointed down icon to download. This includes a speech from Amanda Gorman, graphics and worksheets for lessons.