Nicholas Mitchell

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We asked all candidates to fill out a survey and our group has chosen to endorse, recommend or not recommend based on their answers. Here are Nicholas Mitchell’s responses that shows that he is good representative for our teachers, students and parents!

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US Congress (district 2)

How do you define SEL strategies and what do you believe it does in the classroom?

It’s just teaching kids about emotions, setting goals being a decent person I think it is important because all civility, and being decent to each other is being lost and we need to bring it back. I think it just helps kids to be nice to each other. Which is important.

What importance do you attribute to PE and health and how do feel about the cuts made to these subject areas in the past?

Personally I love it because it tires my son out and makes it easier for him to focus in class. We shouldn’t cut funding in any school areas we need to bring back the arts and practical skills like shop classes, as well.

What ideas have you formulated that will increase public school funding to keep up with growth, fully compensate teachers for their expertise and commitment to teaching, ensure they have the classroom resources they need to be effective educators, and making teacher retention a priority?

Pay them more, I mean it’s not difficult to understand, our future is our children and we should be pouring funding into them and not reducing funding. Make the general fund where the teachers get supplies for the classroom more they shouldn’t be paying for supplies out of their own pockets no other job does that, why teachers.

How do you define CRT and do you believe it is currently being taught in Utah public schools?

CRT to me is just teaching the full picture about everything that has happened, even the uglier parts. It’s accepting our roles in what happened. I hope teachers are teaching the whole story is schools because seeing the entire picture only supports critical thinking. Of course everything should be done on an age appropriate level.

What vetting process do you support when a parent objects to a book in their child’s school? What actions do you believe school districts should take or not take?

When it comes to banning a books in school I think that is a slippery slope if it is age appropriate it should be fine. If you don’t want your child reading a certain book than say that. Don’t restrict other people’s right because of your beliefs. That’s exactly what they are, your beliefs.

Considering legislation that has been proposed in the last 10 years, how would you vote on voucher/school choice bills?

I think it’s pulling money from an already underfunded programs. If you want your child to go to private school, the state shouldn’t be paying for it.

What are your views on the Summit program or programs like it being implemented in our schools?

I love it, setting long term goals then learning to set intermediate and short term goals to achieve those long term goals are important. Also people learn at different speeds and are good at different things. For example, my son like myself math and science comes easy but reading is more difficult so he can spend more time reading and learning those basic skills while he can learn the more in less time with math and science.

What ways can we support diversity in our curriculum so that all students see themselves as culturally relevant?

It’s pretty simple just being inclusive to everyone. Each student is important, sharing stories and history from other cultures that are in America.

What have you personally done to support teachers/public education?

When my sister was a teacher I would show up as different African American historical figures and teach them about the historical figure. I’ve spent time volunteering with more vulnerable youth. I am willing to do anything to help teachers and public education

How will you show your commitment to public education outside of your role as an elected official?

By showing up to schools talking to kids about the importance of education. Education is essential to providing a stronger America and we must do more and really just be relatable to students and get them excited about education