Parker Bond

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We asked all candidates to fill out a survey and our group has chosen to endorse, recommend or not recommend based on their answers. Here are Parker Bond’s responses that shows that he is a great representative for our teachers, students and parents!

How do you define SEL strategies and what do you believe it does in the classroom?

I think Social Emotional Learning helps children learn to manage their emotions and better communicate with others.

What importance do you attribute to PE and health and how do feel about the cuts made to these subject areas in the past?

I believe in educating the whole child, including physical coordination. Physical activity also helps improve child well-being and academic performance.

What ideas have you formulated that will increase public school funding to keep up with growth, fully compensate teachers for their expertise and commitment to teaching, ensure they have the classroom resources they need to be effective educators, and making teacher retention a priority?

Increase the public school education fund and make sure we don’t take money from it for other purposes.

How do you define CRT and do you believe it is currently being taught in Utah public schools?

Critical Race Theory has several potential definitions. The one I subscribe to is that it is an academic theory studied by a small number of university students and is not taught in k-12 schools. I do not believe CRT is being taught in our public schools, even if you use other definitions.

What vetting process do you support when a parent objects to a book in their child’s school? What actions do you believe school districts should take or not take?

I believe current process is adequate. School Boards and School Districts already have policies in place and I would leave it to them.

Considering legislation that has been proposed in the last 10 years, how would you vote on voucher/school choice bills?

I would vote against any bill that would take money away from public schools to give to private schools. Parents can already apply to go to a public school outside their boundary, and also have many charter school options. If they wish their child to attend a private school they are welcome to pay for that themselves. I don’t think public funds should be used for private schools.

What are your views on the Summit program or programs like it being implemented in our schools?

I’m not familiar with this program. Generally, I’m in favor of evidence based programs that improve student academic success and learning outcomes.

What ways can we support diversity in our curriculum so that all students see themselves as culturally relevant?

I think that starts by making sure we have a school board representative of the whole community and don’t let a few loud divisive voices dictate what is and isn’t allowed in schools. Having high quality teachers who feel empowered to help all their students succeed is also important.

What have you personally done to support teachers/public education?

My mother is a Kindergarten teacher in a public school and I support her in many ways. I’m running on a platform with my main focus on public education. My Eagle scout project was to help catalogue and organize a public school library.

How will you show your commitment to public education outside of your role as an elected official?

If elected, the single most important thing would be to properly fund and support our public schools and teachers. If I had school aged children I would also participate in the PTA. I’ve also attended school board meetings in the past and would likely do so in the future as well.